42 definitions by Anonymus

A famous TacticalOps cheats creator
X-MAS Bot 2004
Night`Radar 1.0 - 1.6
by anonymus February 05, 2005
when a guy has a quief
by anonymus May 23, 2003
When otach or fix owns someone
j00 h4v ju57 b33n nUbIfI3d
by Anonymus February 07, 2003
Shruti Raj Rima Krupali
look its the SRRK!!!
by Anonymus April 05, 2005
A lover of men, a bad speller, and a guy who loses at life.
Life > Volpe1564
by Anonymus March 03, 2004
Ugly ass dude who is proud of his ugliness
Ephez claimed to be the Lord of All That is Not Pleasing To The Eye without objection from anyone
by Anonymus October 30, 2003
Mammoth hair that grows on the bottom of aged or women with an over balanced amount of testosterone in their system, usually with bad odour and self esteem which causes Simies to be overweight.
God damn woman either stop taking those damn prescription hormone supplements or shave! your getting a bad case of Simie!
by Anonymus June 08, 2004

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