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42 definitions by Anonymus

E-Crush is when someone has a crush on someone they met through the internet. Ofcourse they've had no contact with this person outside the internet. E-crushes are superficial and should NOT be taken seriously. Most people take a short time to get over e-crushes as they usually mean nothing
"Stop having an e-crush! Get someone who's 100% not a fake person!!"
by Anonymus July 04, 2005
55 22
A very hot, and good looking hispanic male, who sings reggeton music.
Did you hear Daddy Yankee's new song yet?
by Anonymus February 12, 2005
431 417
an expression used to modify an action performed out of extreme horniness due to a period of prolonged sexual inactivity.
he's been jerkin' it resnick style since his girl left him.
by anonymus September 21, 2003
33 20
1. The puzzle game, Mean Bean Machine, for the Sega Genesis.
2. A term for the scrotum, often in reference to a sharp blow to said organ.
"OH! Right in the Mean Bean Machine!"
by Anonymus October 13, 2004
26 14
The HOTTEST boy on the planet!!!
I like Quayd and u shud 2!
by anonymus September 06, 2004
18 6
A guy who you must love alot. He's trustworthy and is always there for you... sort of like best friends.
by anonymus August 23, 2003
51 40
Huge headlights that look damn good.
Look at those BIG bazongas of hers!
I'd like to titi fuck those bazongus!
by anonymus March 17, 2005
46 37