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A girl who likes hanging with her homies (preferably the lads) she is not into the "girly glamour and glitter etc" that most girls are into oh no. She can not stand bitchiness nor can she stand girls in general!!
A lot of people think she is "flirting" when in fact she is just "hanging with her homies" and think flirting is so lame and just for plain tarts.
Yet she is neither a lesbien or assexual just she prefers to be with her dudes. Never had a boyfriend yet she thinks she is cool cos she hangs with the lads.
Bitching Girl"That girl allways hangs with Dave and his mates she must fancy him and be flirting with him and his mates"
(Not so bitching) Girl"no she is just what you call a homie chick she hates flirting and into all that boy stuff"
by Anonymous454234 December 25, 2009
Basicaly to masurbate

some other slang termss may include "Buffing the bannana" "bopping the bolony" "Chocking the chicken" "Cuffing the carrot" "Jerking off" "spanking the monkey" and "whipping the willy"
Guy1- "So were you tossing your junk all night last night after seeing that girl"
Guy2 "Hell yeah you bet I did mate she was so damn hot why did you?"
Guy1 "Ew no way dude that would be so gross that bitch was just bare ugly"
by Anonymous454234 April 14, 2010
Basicaly a really strong urge to hear a song you either haven't heard in a long time or used to hearing that song most of the time.
It can affect just about anyone regardless of what genre they like
Person A - It is hard to believe I haven't heard much of metallica lately

Person B - I know dude they are the best on the whole damn planet most their stuff really gives me a song craving

*Plugs in ipod selects the song metalica master of puppets offers Person B ear piece*

Person A - hear will this feed your song craving
by Anonymous454234 December 02, 2010
best best friend for freaking life and ever. Basicaly someone you class not just as a best friend for the sake of it but a real true best friend with whom you can spend time with and still you enjoy their compnary no matter how much they annoy you. You feel like you have been through so much together and they've seen you at your worse times and yet they still be chosen to be seen in public with you.
Me and this boy (I am a girl) {BBFFFLE} I don't know what I'll do without him we are practically brother and sister
by Anonymous454234 May 07, 2010
basicaly cum (the fluid that comes out when the penis or vagina gets stimulated which can be as a result of an orgasm)
After watching porn and masturbating the boy got an orgasm and let out some happy fluid.
Boy "Oh yeah baby oh I am letting out some happy fluid"
by Anonymous454234 May 08, 2010
Basicaly whenever you hear referance see an advertisement or see one the members of the Conservative party you just start randomly swearing as a result to show your disgust and hatred towards them.
Conservative supporter- "well it looks like this years election results led to a hung parliment but still with the conservaties having the most votes"
Conservative hater "F***ing w**kers how the f*** did they get in"
Conservative "I beg your pardon"
Coservative hater- "sorry it is just my {torietes} everytime I hear referance to see any members of the consersitive party I randomly swear, f***ing b******s"
by Anonymous454234 May 07, 2010
Usualy occurs very late at night when you start thinking very bizarre things such as the idea of flying pigs or monkeys 10 feet tall that can talk. Or something you may not feel comfatable with all of a sudden seems cool, such as maybe giving your Dad a blowjob, or possing naked in front of your whole class, this usualy leads to uncomfatable dreams, or just dreams that are just past walking the walls.
Can usualy occur to anyone and not just those on drugs, not to be comfused with an "eds dream"
After entering {surreal mode} and thinking about perhaps it being a good idea to drive a flying car into school and make out the teacher, I fell into a deep and had rather detailed and distubring dream about the school being invaded by aliens and having to save it by getting everyone into flying cars. Boy what a night.
by Anonymous454234 September 01, 2010

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