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Having sex with a person named Alan
1: I did Alan yesterday
2: So did I
by anonymous coward November 06, 2004
closeted and angsty homosexual
see posts by Visigothan on ArsTechnica
by anonymous coward August 28, 2003
a term used to light-heartedly refer to alcoholic drinks
I think she had too much falling down water
by Anonymous Coward June 16, 2006
The process of destroying Star Trek as an interesting concept.
The 2nd season of Enterprise was an important development in the field of Bermanization
by Anonymous Coward February 08, 2005
A work used by some instead of "react(s)". Also acceptable to be seen as r34x (ieet form -.-).

NOTE: Most likely to be used by people ages 11-14 in AOL(tm) Instant Messenger chatrooms.
Person 1: omg i just got pwn3d by tyler.
Person 2: U over-reax man.
Smart Person: Why don't you two learn to spell things correctly?
Person 2: Smart, stop over-reaxing, cuz they aint nothin u can do bout it.
Person 1: "Reax" is a lame word.
by Anonymous Coward July 05, 2004
Damn, that new Mercedes is blingtastic!
by Anonymous Coward October 07, 2003
A statement that is true yet misleading.
Our web site dedicated to dispel the mistruths propogated in their campaign.
by anonymous coward November 06, 2004

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