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543 definitions by Anon

illest, fastest rapper there is. one of the only talented ones left. Makes me wonder if he artificially speeds up his voice? i hope not
twista u told her right?
i could make u a celebrity overnight
by anon November 13, 2004
146 66
Japanese for handjob
ore tekoki hoshiin da!
by anon June 13, 2003
95 15
What happens to a stripper when they graduate.
Anna Nicole Smith will pay a bro fo sho my fellow black emporer.
by anon March 04, 2005
250 172
Witty and talkative Marvel Comic mercenary with a once popular series. Bastardized irreparably by extremely poor writing and stories without direction, Deadpool's comic has since been repackaged as the extremely short-lived Agent X series.
Deadpool-- a once promising comic book character with an excellent supporting cast, threatened by constant threat of cancellation until awful writing sealed the deal.
by anon April 06, 2003
175 102
this word is 4 the ladies wen they tk bout their guys/haroon he is a sweet, buff guy, hu undastands wat a girl wants, he's cute, funni and frendly, and all the gals luv him 2 bits.
Dat guy is such a haroon

omg! i met a guy yday hes the best haroon eva!
by anon May 15, 2004
164 92
a relationship between people, with a large age gap.
Dude James' girlfriend is 1 year younger than his mom, talk about a may-december relationship.
by anon April 12, 2005
87 19
Short for Crossing. Usually only seen in type and not heard.
Watch out, that's a duck xing
by anon February 14, 2005
92 27