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What happens to a stripper when they graduate.
Anna Nicole Smith will pay a bro fo sho my fellow black emporer.
by anon March 04, 2005
To poop.
"You mind if my doggy make on your lawn?"

"Sometimes I make in my pants"
by anon March 01, 2004
a funny slang word for sex
"Amy and Miguel did chaka chaka all night long."

"Did you guys chaka chaka yet?"

"I am doing chaka chaka with your boyfriend right now, please call me back in 4 hours."
by anon April 25, 2004
Short for skelmersdale.

1. A place kinda near liverpool.
2. A shit hole.
3. A place with fuck all to do.
'Fucking hell, theres fuck all to do in skem'
'Skem is a shit hole'
by anon April 26, 2005
a relationship between people, with a large age gap.
Dude James' girlfriend is 1 year younger than his mom, talk about a may-december relationship.
by anon April 12, 2005
a private quaker school with too many stupid rules and meeting for worships. the majority of the boys are collar popping tools who desparatley need to grow up. there are a few snobby rich bitches and a few weirdos, but most of the girls are above average. theres a lot of oppinion board controversy and an extreme lack of hook ups due 2 the fact that we've all known eachother far 2 long. most of the time u just feel like uve been there too long
my parents are against war so i attend wilmington friends
by anon April 11, 2005
Basically means bitch.
From Afro-American origin.
Wassup, bi-atch!
She's just a bi-atch
by Anon November 28, 2004

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