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made sissy, made weak or feminine. Not masculine or strong.
Did you see the latest Viper? It's all sissified.

Wow, look at Joe's clothes.. his mom sissified him.
by anon December 03, 2003
Basically means bitch.
From Afro-American origin.
Wassup, bi-atch!
She's just a bi-atch
by Anon November 28, 2004
Popular Word, Caribean/Bahamian Roots. Showing astonishment.
"Dread...I can't belive we won..."
by Anon January 27, 2005
Chad Hugo and Pharell Williams. Hot Production duo of the early 2000s, their Beats Are Hot, Original and easy to listen To
Superthug by N.O.R.E was produced by the Neptunes
by anon November 10, 2003
In other words OMG but just called that as it is quicker and one word.
Amagad! I love that!
Amagad! Isn't that gorgeous?
by Anon November 21, 2004
A vaginal fart, sometimes caused by pressure in rear so wind escapes out the front but can also be used to describe that loud ugly sound that occurs when wind enters the vagina during intercourse.
that queve really made my flaps flutter
by anon January 29, 2004
From the term idiot meaning your stupid. A fool. Someone who acts carelessly.
"your such an eegit"
"What a fukin eegit"
by anon November 01, 2004
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