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(n.) Gabungah is a word created by Niel Cicierega. It first appeared in the animutation "Team Rocket's Journey Through Time and Space" for about frames. It can have a variety of meanings, but is normally a name.
There once was a dirty old man. His name was GAHBUNGA.
by Demamas Lanthorn December 12, 2003
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Can be used in a variety of ways including battle cries, insults, whatever!
Man 1: Must you always be such a gahbunga?
Man 2: I can't help it. My middle name is literally 'Gahbunga'!
by Annon March 24, 2005
can be anything you want it to be.
by matt wo. June 04, 2003
an expression used to convey anger or disrespect.
You dumb gahbunga, go finish that!

What the gahbunga are you doing?
by John Lenard September 16, 2006

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