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Person who can' t keep her legs shut.
My cousin is only 17 years old is a teen mom and she is the proud owner of three brats, she has no hope or future, she has a low paying job at Boston market and relies heavily on welfare.
#abstinence #teen pregnancy #teenager #welfare #worthless
by Animalzap August 22, 2009
Hai Gaiz u Isreal?

#pulp fiction #motherfucker #meme #samuel l jackson #does he look like a bitch?
by Animalzap August 21, 2009
This forum was created by the company Nexon itself for the games they create.

The forums are generally dead, and they take about 2 hours for new posts to pop up.

The community generally has an elitist attitude around, and frequently is annoyed by every newcomer into the forums.

Advertising bots and trollers frequently flood the forums, some users try to derail these ads for fun and the lulz, only to be stopped by the moderators, who have no sense in humor, even though they lock and delete those threads anyway.

People who have little understanding or have reading deficits often also flood the forums, as they keep posting things about Maplestory in the Section that you aren't supposed to talk about Maplestory.

People hate trolls there, ironically, if you flame the trolls back, they will also hate you.

The mods are usually among the most incompetent people, rarely speaking and often telling you to "Read the Rules before posting" even though you already have. They also frequently lock political discussions and tell you to use the ticket system to appeal your ban, even though we all know the ticket system is used to give people the shaft and ignore people by generally giving them canned responses.

There is also no edit button, after a user decided to make a forum family tree, get his thread locked, unlock it with a glitch, get it locked again, do it again, and eventually the mods took the edit button away.
Sydney: The Nexon Forums suck. There is no edit button after some idiots decided to make a forum family tree and got it locked. Then they exploited a glitch using the do not allow replies button and unchecking that to effectively break the lock. Instead the moderator -hime- being the total fool she is, decided to remove the entire edit button completely instead of just removing the do not allow replies button. Nice GOING. Anyway. The trollers/Nexon haters? Those are nothing but 9 year old attention hos who just want to get you upset and pissed off. The forums are so filled with them that I left.
#nexon #forum #-hime- #xgrantwalkx #trollers #dixie
by Animalzap August 20, 2009
Sleepywood is a website for Maplestory, the forum is also a database for maplestory

However, the site has been scrutinized outside of their fourms and even inside the forums for their communist-like policies.

The moderators are extremely ban happy, you can actually get banned if there is a thread with poor grammar, and if you say, please put more effort into your comment, try real words, and spacing. This is probably because the root admin just promotes random people. The community sucks also, they are full of elitists and flamers. And you can actually get banned for defending yourself against these flamers.

Their auction system is actually overrated, it's just some sub forum, there are better auction sites around. Many people who like Sleepywood and think its more mature than Basilmarket. However, this is not true, there was a thread in sleepywood once where someone posted SPAMMING TO GET 2000 POST COUNT.

This thus invalidates their point, and brings out the theory they might just be naive bandwagoners (one even said Sleepywood is more mature but did not actually go to the forums herself)

They also claim to control the zakum run times, but in fact, they control people who think they control the zakum run times.

They will also flame you for being a noob due to stupid elitism. Ironically, if you make a thread flaming noobs, they will also flame you for being an elitist.

There is also the warning dispute zone, where you can dispute something but no one is allowed to see it, not even youself. You can't even see your own replies to the dispute you made, allowing the moderators to pigeonhole (ignore completely). If you try making this dispute anywhere else you get banned.

There is also a venting zone (burning zone), which you can vent about things, but you cannot show any names of who you are venting with, which ruins the whole point of a venting zone.

The root admin also frequently derails threads with racist comments. There was a time when he derailed a new Latino MS thread with racism. A mod tried deleting these comments but in exchange she was demodded.

Sleepywood, in short, is not any better than any other forum. Despite all assertions that they make
"Sleepywood Forums, just like Basil, is full of idiots. They're elitist idiots, however, and they tend to give off the impression that they are more intelligent / cultured. They are not."
#adura #elitism #forum #maplestory #zakum.
by Animalzap August 24, 2009
Kelly Brianne Clarkson (born April 24, 1982) is an American pop singer, songwriter, and occasional actress. Clarkson made her debut under RCA Records after she won the first season of the television series American Idol in 2002.

Clarkson has released four albums to date. Her debut album Thankful (2003), her multi-platinum second album Breakaway (2004), followed by My December (2007) and her latest album All I Ever Wanted (2009). Her first four albums have sold over 10.2 million copies in the United States

But in General. Her music kind of sucks except for some of them, called "My Life would Suck Without You" and "Long Shot." Which were about a couple that broke up coming back together and someone wanting to take a chance on something.

Oops I spoiled the Lyrics for you O_O
Kelly Clarkston is a singer O_O
#singer #all i ever wanted #music #american idol #crazy #oh shi-
by Animalzap August 24, 2009
Something that does not work.
9/10 chastity vow takers break their pledge.

Abstinence does not work
#christian #conservatives #sex education #religion #catholic church #teenagers #sex
by Animalzap August 22, 2009
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