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worse than drugs.
addictive game where everyone strives to get the best items, look cool, kill monsters, get stronger and neverthe less....waste time, and sometimes real money
maplestory makes my friends fail school.
by boonzilla April 23, 2006
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A game with the simplest, yet most addicting objective ever: Leveling up to level up some more.
l337H4x: Yeah I'm almost level 50 in Maplestory!
LegitNub: What're you going to do at level 50?
l337H4x: Get to level 51, duhh
LegitNub: Oh...
by MaypoFr33k June 17, 2009
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Is a free online game MMORPG. It is made free because it sounds like shit when you hear about it but you have nothing to lose. After a few hours the game sucks you in and never lets go. From here on you are a maple 'hoar'. You buy Nexon cash to make your character look good. You train to be stronger. You engage in it as a second life. Once you start you will have two lives. A real life AND a virtual life.
@school "Shut up teacher, I just wanna play MapleStory"

KawaiiiOMGKawaiiiLulzKawaiii: "Haii mum"
Human "What the fuck?"
Kawaiii37821780413946412: "ILY daughter"

Idon'tnoher: "Wanna get married?" (cause I'm a loner and I need friends on Maple ATLEAST
Her: "Yes, ILY" I don't even know him, o well insta fame

SauskeSinNaruto2349790q4702842 "Mesos please"
Pro "No"
*cancels trade*
by KosiFace January 07, 2008
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An MMORPG game similar to Runescape, but has way more players. Once you start, you cannot stop. Has many differnt servers (e.i Windia, Scania, Bera, Kradia, Bellocan, Mardia, and many more depending on which type of MapleStory you play). Different types for each part of the world; GMS(MapleStory Global), EMS(MapleStory Europe), KMS(Korea),MSEA(South East Asia), and more.

You start out as a beginner in the game and level with ease. Once you get to level 8 you can become an magician, at level 10 you can become a warrior, thief, or archer. If you choose you can stay a beginner. With each level you gain, leveling becomes harder.

You can buy Nexon Cash(NX cash) to "pimp out" your character. You can get married, have a pet, make friends, make enemies, but most of all, make a new life.

You will have two separate lives, but mostly users prefer their maple life.
*A conversation commonly used in MapleStory*
Pro: im poor (lies)
Pro: nuuuuuuu *gives mesos*
by noneyobusiness February 09, 2008
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David: yo lets go play some maplestory yo
Caveman: i don't know yo, that shit is pretty intense
by Medicine-Man February 27, 2009
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A MMORPG that millions of people play, but hate. It's just addictive... No one likes it, but you can't stop playing. It's like they put nicotine in it or something.
(Character around lvl 50): "Maplestory SUCKS!"
(Noob): "Then quit..."
(lvl 50 Character): "I CAN'T IT'S TOO ADDICTING!!!!!"
by SBFreeze July 19, 2008
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All the fun of wailing on snails packed into one free game.
I feel like spending hours of my time fighting mushrooms with yellow caps so I can, get this: fight mushrooms with BLUE CAPS.
by That guy with the Legs June 22, 2005
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