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Gay/ Lesbian /Bisexual /Transgended / questioning
I'm going to prom with a bunch of GLBTQ kids
by Angieobviously May 03, 2005
Besides being obviously smart sexy and sophisticated. A native to to California. Probably part of a gang and spreaks spanish insanely fast. In addition is also a womanizer, a carouser and a nymphomaniac, not descriminate to the sex of the subject. Can be moody. Had a slight obsession with Snuff films.Also dreams of one day being married on the strip,or even in Atlantic city, if he wasnt so cheap sometimes. A computer nerd.
Trashzilla totally fucked Matt last night
by AngieObviously November 05, 2004
a small dirty blonde colored creature, interested mostly in eating, sleeping and other small things called 'luis'. Ocassionly ventures from its home to socialize, though prefers more isolation. Can become violent when irritated, but is generally a good pet.
Ahh! look at the Noodlie running down the steps with a bad minton racket!
by AngieObviously November 01, 2004
Commonly associated with Wuffles, Ishbu, Fifi and briefly with shmoopie, is capable of brief memorable phrases such as 'I brought you your chips, and Im about to break those motherfuckers out' and 'sprry about my bum all up in your grill'. While the color of this creature varies greatly, spends alot of time in isolation, so is hard to see. Also spends alot of time in public places, hdidng and avoiding being seen.
Mommy Wuffles would so make me soup if I was too drunk to do it.
by AngieObviously November 05, 2004
Most commonly associated with Fifi and Mommy Wuffles. Living with Fifis, tall, odd, and has strage dents in one eye. Occasionaly seen making a spectalcle of himself in celebrations for young ones, clingign to wuffles making loud noises.
Also a slang term for a young creature seen over time with Fifi.
Ishbu gave him a dollar so he could come visit Fifi.
by AngieObviously November 05, 2004
A small, dark furred creature, interested mostly in eating vegetable children, inhaling toxic natural smoke, and drinking rotten fruit extract. Can usaly be seen waering shiny pieces of metal sporting leaves, which obviously leads us to believe she is a nature lover. Also is interesting in forcing pieces of metal through its own flesh. an interesting observation!
Look at Juicy Juices new belt!
by AngieObviously November 26, 2004
A wonderful person, commonly associated with the likes of Wuffles, Ishbu and the Mommy wuffles. Very beautiful but can be dangerous. Has a strange attraction to Ishbu's, which cannot be explained in any manner. Never settles in one direct place, but always seems to find a home where some cereal and ladybugs can be found. Also has a strange attractions to pimples and the destruction of them. MWAH
Fifi dearest is coming up for a visit, how about visiting Rice?
by AngieObviously November 05, 2004

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