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A woman that loves getting it on with other women. Unfortunatley, these types of women DO NOT like getting it on with men.
"Those lesbians are getting crazy over there...that's some hot shit!"
by Ang December 17, 2002
An awesome band that has really great music unlike anything i've ever heard before..I am addicted.
My friend and I started the Brand New obsessive fan club
by Ang January 16, 2004
really really high. being baked off your ass
Man, I'm so high. I'M FLYING!
by ang November 23, 2003
Someone who thinks they are gangster or ghetto, but do not live in a ghetto, are not in a "REAL" gang, dress and act and talk like they are gangsters but are not even in a gang or nuttin, you know what i mean..
I jus crack up when i see these kids tryna act like there gangster but they live in a nice little happy crime free neighboorhood... haha
by Ang July 10, 2004
What happens when you are in couchlock for too long.
My ass is starting to hurt, I must be coming down with couchrot.
by Ang April 21, 2005
Slapping their ass and wild fucking.
They did it thug style last night.
by Ang June 24, 2004
Being married to three people at once.
Kane is married to Lita, his other wife,, and my friend Bee. That makes him a trigamist. And it makes Bee very happy.
by Ang February 15, 2005
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