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Excessively endowed. Originally derived from the Greek, "Andreas", meaning manly.
"Word is, he's andy."
by Andypandy April 20, 2006
The largest form of cunt available.

The literal oxen of cunt (shortened to cuntox).
man, fred is a cunt.. infact he is past the stage of being a cunt he has now reached cuntox status
by Andypandy April 10, 2006
A pikey word for policeman.

"Cor, kack accross the koi there's a mossgrow you'll get loud"

Kack = look
Koi = street
loud = arrested
by Andypandy April 10, 2006
a girl who has been fucked so many times her minge is similar to a bucket and dripping at the seems.
Fuck me, what an old cumtwatta
by Andypandy April 10, 2006

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