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The handle in most passenger vehicles and trucks that is located in the interior of the vehicle above the door. Used in extreme driving situations where passengers do not wish to be thrown about the interior of the vehicle. Situations that warrant the usage of the "oh shit handle" include hard braking, abrupt cornering, skidding, careening off bridge. It is usually considered polite for driver to warn passengers before they feel obligated to use the "oh shit handle"
Me: "Mike, I am going to take the 25 mph turn at 55... better grab the os shit handle!"
Mike: "I've been holding the oh shit handle since you started the car!"
by Andrukas January 04, 2004
Taking Care of Business
Jerry Seinfeld -
Really. So uh, what do you do down there all day?

Cosmo Kramer-
You know, takin' care o' business.
by Andrukas May 22, 2003
The condition of simultaneously carrying Hepatitis, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and AIDS.
It is unfortunate that my last girlfriend had hepaghonnasyphilAIDS.
by Andrukas December 07, 2003
One who not only lives in a ghetto, but has no plans to live elsewhere
It is a shame that the inner cities are inhabited by ghettoarians who aspire to be nothing more than they are.
by Andrukas July 06, 2003
To restore and modify.
Once I purchase the 69' El Camino, I will restify it.
by Andrukas December 07, 2003
When drinking a canned beverage, especially beer, the speed hole is a hole punctured in the top of the can farthest away from the drinking hole. The speed hole thus allows air to displace the liquid in said can, thereby enabling the drinker to consume the beverage as quickly as desired
Always drill a speed hole in your beer and chug it whilst fishing on a sunny day, so your beer doesn't get hot.
by Andrukas January 04, 2004
Some unidentifiable substance. Usually unpleasant, sticky and hard to remove
After we scraped all of the sconge out of the engine bay, we pressure washed it.
by Andrukas July 06, 2003
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