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straight up easy flow and mad unique style. confidence and skill expressed via actions and phrases that knock peole back in awe an amazement. you either got it or you dont.
Im an easy steezy mac n chessy!

More steeze please.

That guy....has got steeze.
by Andizzle-Dazzle May 07, 2008
The beautiful lynguistic melody of you and your closest buddies singing on key in front of an audience at a bar, in the car, or on camera. Can be performed sober or drunk, preferably drunk.
The performance of their beautiful brohemian rhapsody had the ladies throwing their phone numbers at them.

Their brohemian rhapsody touched the lives of countless people.
by Andizzle-Dazzle April 22, 2009
Someone who is a monster flake. A term used for people who bail constantly and cant commit. Also commonly used as McFlakenstein, but for a more serious offense.
Hes not coming now! What a Flakenstein!

Dude dont even bother inviting that dandruff McFlakenstein.

by Andizzle-Dazzle May 08, 2008
Someone who is licking lint. The act of being lame, uncool, flaky, or basically insult worthy. Used to replace common 4 letter bombs and inappropriate sayings. Good to use around the kiddies and on tv.
You lint licker!

Dude, stop being a lint licker and come surf with us.

Hes been a big lint licker lately.
by Andizzle-Dazzle May 07, 2008

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