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When a lesbian decides she is straight and starts dating men.
She used to date women, but she committed lesbicide and dates guys now
by amywarhol March 16, 2011
A child who plays in the drainage ditch in a trailer park, popping their heads up as cars drive by.
As soon as the snow melts and the ditch starts filling with water, the Ditch Chickens are there playing.
by amywarhol April 21, 2011
A random bit of overly intelligent information thrown somewhat appropriately into a conversation.
Bob: "Oh look, its a full moon"
Jerry " Did you know that the diameter of the moon is roughly the same as the width of the United States?"
Bob "Thanks for chucking that nerd spear Jerry. You are such a geek."
by amywarhol August 06, 2011
When a female who was a lesbian becomes straight, she often goes through Post Lesbian Stress Disorder. Symptoms include sleeping with several unattractive men, purchasing several new purses and growing her hair.
Alex was so afraid of her sexuality that, after committing lesbicide she developed a bad case of Post Lesbian Stress Disorder.
by amywarhol August 26, 2011
Sudden Attack of Diarrhea, often brought on by eating too many chicken wings or other greasy foods. A S.A.D. attack requires an immediate and explosive trip to the bathroom.
After eating two dozen wings I was feeling really S.A.D. and had to take a dump immediately.
by amywarhol August 26, 2011
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