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When something is bare, or very hilarious.
'Did you see when Jimmy slipped on that banana skin?'
'Yeahh, that was bilarious'.
by Amy Cheesman March 11, 2008
This word can be used an adjective, to describe a huge lie.
A lie, or also known as a 'porkus', that is huge.
A horkus.
-Did you hear that my mum ate a live horse the other day?
-That is such a horkus

-Don't tell me such horkus.
by Amy Cheesman March 12, 2008
When you combine the words bare and the 'word' lol to save time and express just how funny something really was.
When something is bare lols
'That was bolz'; 'I've got English next, it's always bolz'
by Amy Cheesman March 11, 2008
When someone is not worth your time. A person is a waster when they are scum and disgust you, or when they go against the norms set by society or the morals set by most people.

-Hey Amy, i'll give you a lift to the shop
-No Alex, you are scum, you're a waster. Go away.
by Amy Cheesman March 12, 2008
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