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When something is bare, or very hilarious.
'Did you see when Jimmy slipped on that banana skin?'
'Yeahh, that was bilarious'.
by Amy Cheesman March 11, 2008
When one thing is hilarious in two different meanings.
Wilt: "Yeah, Muhammad's been bombing dadongos ever since he heard Osama died."

Bob: "Bilarious!!!!"

(See defintion of bombing dadongos.)
by Boppin Bob May 19, 2011
Acting in a way that is both funny and bitchy. Making a joke to a friend that is hilarious but also bitchy.
You were bilarious last night at the bar when that guy kept hitting on you but you kept rejecting him!
by The Verbal Ninja January 01, 2012
being funny to both boys AND girls!
The word of the day is....bilarious, def. being funny to both boys AND girls! HAAAAAAAA!!!
by steph November 17, 2003
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