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a combination of "fuck" and dammit" used in extreme frustration or depression
parents: son u got straight F's on your report card
son: fuckdammit....
by AlmostDeadly November 14, 2004
A chinese follower kid,cant take a hint that no one likes him and he should stop bothering my friends,he is very reminiscent to an infectios disease or a leech. His face is very round and fat,and funny to mark up with sharpies when his guard is down and his limbs are cylindrical shaped as if he was put in an ingot mold or something. Always walks incredibly close to people and breathes down there necks,also the only freshman in calculus at SMHS so that makes him uber nerdy. His mother gives him some of the most fucked up haircuts ive ever seen and spazzes at just about everything there is to spazz out to. He also tried to put on my friends gym clothes like a dumb faggot,if u ever see a kid with a fucked up haircut and is chinese throw anything u find in your general vicinity at him,its funny to piss him off.
me and my friends sit down at the lunch table,hes already sittin at one with a few other lesser followers,they all get up and come sit with us and even when we give him evil looks and drop hints he still follows like hes our bitch.
by AlmostDeadly February 01, 2005
a gigh scgool built on 75% cow shit, 25% soil
mission hills high school is also known as cow pie high for the shit ass smell
by AlmostDeadly November 14, 2004
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