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master , god , omnipitence
The sulph ownz you bitch
by allen December 09, 2004
Somone who likes kiddy porn and has a shitty computer filled with it.
"Aaron your such a damn geramy"
by Allen January 02, 2004
A button masher by the name of Josh
You cheap faggot, why the hell do you button mash at every fighting game in the world. I know i'm fucking better than you, and you still win. Why don't you STFU and Die. Geez.
by Allen March 14, 2004
It is a really retarded cat computer that looks like a cat and acts like a cat most likly owned by a furry named Devan the cat boy.
KEY! KEY! Not against my wall.
by allen November 30, 2004
(ADJ) Urban is the act of building up or taking away. Of a hype for things found where people live. Relating to the development of making hype to the extent where regulation is necessary. Description of something that has been taken to its furthest limits.
Urban my nuts, please.

Can you urban me a nice meal to eat?

My education is urban neat for sure.

Your urban struggle is something to deal with.
by Allen March 22, 2005
White man (ussually white), whos name is hank or cletus, who shoots down beer cans and has sex with his sister on the front lawn (if they have one).

They tend to drive pick-up trucks and listen to country music.

They also have stupid accents and no use of grammar, since they are of low income, thats why they smell.

In conclusion, they think that everything can be fixed with duck tape, they use a shotgun to change the channel, and use dogs to scratch their nutsacks.
why do rednecks fuck their sisters? havent you heard of hookers? either that or go consult Dr. Hans Jerkoff
by Allen November 22, 2004
freak someone who gives so much of a damn about warhammer 40K that everything has a relation to it
<Person 1> Give me the phone
<Person 2> Here you go *hands phone*
<Person 1> JESUS CRIST THERES A FUCKING MOLD LINE! I gotta cut it off
<Person 2> Be my guest... freak
by Allen January 06, 2005
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