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37 definitions by Allen

N. A girl who is sooo damn ugly and disgusting and slutty and ewww that she doesnt deserve to be called a skank..so you call her a skak..
"God damn damn James your your sister is a mother fucking SKAK!"
by Allen January 03, 2004
17 9
God like figure. Untouchable.
Fearless. To be like.
"Dude, diviniti is the man!"
by allen August 13, 2004
9 3
(Slang): A censored, rhyming way of essentially asking "who the fuck", also can be done as "what the screw", "Where the screw, ect, but doesn't sound nearly as good.
Child 1: *Throws pencil at Child 2*
Child 2: Who the f-....
Teacher: *ahem*
Child 2: Sorry. Who the screw thew that?!
Child 3: *points at Child 1* it was him!
Child 1: Snitch!
by Allen October 09, 2006
5 0
A. Coined by mark the beast
B. Meaning - Cool, the ultimate of cool.
That guy mark is dijon, he gets all the ladies.
by allen February 24, 2005
26 22
amazing, fabulous, lovely...she's maybe a lost princes one should look for
by allen September 18, 2003
9 5
It simply means more like. but its used in stupid chains to link equally nerdy things together.
For instance:

A:I like the velvet underground
B:Velvet underground, more like heroin.
A:more like illegal drugs
B:more like dumb
A;more like Lord of the Rings
B:More like not.
A:More like dumb, more like Legolas is such a faggot.
B:More like fuck you, buddy, legolas kicks ass. he'd kick the shit out of you
A:More like he wears a fucking dress in the last one. more like he's become such a gay sex symbol over the last few years.
B:More like a kickass fighter and archer.
A:More like that is totally obsolete when lined up to his gayness.
B:More like Ian McKellan was gay and he kicked ass as gandalf, asshole.
A:More like you are such a fag for liking lord of the rings, you fucking homo.
B:More like whatever
by Allen January 12, 2004
15 12
to be very awesome at spanking
Neal is extremely dankin
by allen March 19, 2005
13 11