17 definitions by Allan

the best F#$ing band you wish you heard of already.

Fuck did you hear THE EXCHANGES last night? "Fuck no! I was getting baked with the Colonle and Chronic Future out front... Arizona represent!"
by Allan December 02, 2004
supercedingly awesome; better than awesome.
Andie and I are oxum.
by Allan December 15, 2003
you are put in a sleeping bag (often by a Farmer Jens), the bag is closed very tightly so there is no escape, and then you are tickled till you pee in your pants
Arg, i just wet my pants cause Farmer Jens gave me a kåldolmer
by Allan December 25, 2004
Oddly disaffecting dialect from work that I miss...
Sk-Amex sk-sucks my-sk ass-sk.
by Allan February 22, 2004
mixed up
while under the influence of LSD
life's a fizzaballoz
by allan March 15, 2005
Fast, no faster than fast, quickness and speed combined.
Too quixspede for me!
by Allan July 04, 2003
1.a beast in FF11 that continually kills Moody
2. An undead wolf
man, that bandersnatch raped u moody!!!
by Allan March 17, 2004

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