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What a garage sale really is. It's where you sell your left over garbage for less than 20 dollars, unless you're a cheapskate.
The neighbors just cleaned out their house, and are now having a garbage sale.
by Alexi August 31, 2003
A disgrace to the Windows name. It is chock full of errors and glitches.
Win ME user: Uh oh...Windows ME crashed again.
Win XP user: Install Windows XP today!
by Alexi November 12, 2003
It's similar to bacon, but it's not, and it's also for dogs. But dogs think it's bacon!
Dog: I smell bacon! Where's the bacon? IT'S BACON!
Woman: That's not bacon, it's beggin strips!
by Alexi August 31, 2003
Sustained Silent Reading
Jimmy is in 3rd grade. His class he is in right now is SSR.
by Alexi October 27, 2003
The name of the anime series starring a boy who meets a guy named Masarusan, who has a fighting style called, "The Sexy Commando".
To do the Sexy Commando, Masarusan unzips his pants (That's right kiddies) to distract the opponent. Then, he goes at them, violently attacking them with his fist. Sometimes he likes to gross his opponent out by having pigeons fly out of his pants.
by Alexi December 23, 2003
The stupidest nickname for Nintendo. Seriously, I like Sony, X Box and Nintendo. It's people like this that make me want to start hating Sony.
....and I can say the same thing to that kid dissing Nintendo. If it weren't for Final Fantasy, Sony would have died out long ago. Now tell me, how does that make you feel?
by Alexi November 21, 2003
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