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To become very pissed off by other people's irritating behaviours, especially to an uncontrollable level. Derived from how bulls are allegedly made angry by waving a red flag at them.
I got socks off my Auntie on Christmas, and the food was crap. It made me see red, and the next thing I remember, a tsunami had hit Asia.
by Pimpmasterkdogg March 17, 2008
v. to become angry (from the association of the color red with anger/passion)
If he saw what she was doing behind his back, he'd see red.
by JosephSH July 18, 2006
referring to an initial indication of battle frenzy, or homicidal trance, during which survivors have said their entire visual field was "tinged with a pink haze" (from a Civil War account of the Battle of the Wilderness - the "Cornfield" encounter battle). During this frenzy, an attacker's fear transforms into ecstatic fury leading them to kill friend and foe alike, and afterward recalled (if at all) in a fragmented series of vignettes, from a perspective outside the attacker's own body, with a disturbing, dim echo of joy. Usually used in the first person, simply to mean " I became enraged".
To see red: "When he broke my heirloom punch bowl, I saw red and grabbed the fireplace poker."
by see-ess November 19, 2015
The act of wiping your anus so roughly after taking a shit that your asshole bleeds. One then 'sees red' on the toilet paper or in the bowl.
Guy 1: man your fuckin' ass stinks! Go clean that shit.. Probably got a turtlehead or somethin'

Guy 2: nope aint me, I see red on the regs
by tresman October 26, 2013
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