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Car (verb) : A shout of warning during a street hockey game. Mainly Eastern Massachusetts dialect.
When a motorist is within fifty yards of the goal, one shouts "car" and the goal is removed until the car passes. There's no need to shout '"game on" as they do in Canada, where attention spans differ.
by Alexander Thompson March 01, 2004
Exclamation, esp. N.E. coastal. Used to emphasize a point.
"Oh my Head, that's some smelly gurry!"
by Alexander Thompson March 01, 2004
Gurry (noun): 1. Discarded fish guts. Usually destined for processing into fish oil and fertilizer.
2. The same discarded fish guts six months later, since the yuppies shut the processing plant down cause it stank like MUNG. (see)
3. Useless waste from fish processing, now that we no longer utilize it for making fish oil and fertilizer. Hauled beyond two mile limit at sea and dumped into ocean.
3a. The ruin of any fishermen who are unlucky enough to catch a net full of it, beyond the two mile limit, at sea.
"That gurry's gettin' sum ripe in them tanks! 'Bout time to make a trip out by the limit."
by Alexander Thompson March 01, 2004
Frumpy old man, typically white male.
Gene Rayburn's impression of an old man or Grandpa in 'The Simpsons'.
by Alexander Thompson March 01, 2004
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