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A word for a Idiot, dingus, or goof.
"Your such a geebo"

by Wyatt Neubauer July 20, 2006
the act of shoving a pinecone up ones behind then forcefully rip it out.
Andy:d00d i just got geebo'd by ethan!#%!
Me:wow that felt pretty good eh?
by Santiagos December 04, 2007
One who drinks Mung and Septic
Simon Pitches
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
A derogatory term for someone with down-sydrome.
Dude: "What're you a geebo?"


Guy 1: "I've seen at least 47 geebo's in the last hour."
Guy 2: "I know man, its pissing me off"


Kid: "Were there any geebo's on your camping trip?"
by GeeboWorshipper August 20, 2009
A balding, blind twenty year old who smokes alot of marijuana. Sometimes found in people who have to much testosterone and also people who play alot of video games.
Sometimes the geebos can be found in his rare habitat, enduring, sexual torture from his mini geebo mate also sometimes to be found lingering around a massive marijuana pile or plants.
by N/A RT July 28, 2010
Frumpy old man, typically white male.
Gene Rayburn's impression of an old man or Grandpa in 'The Simpsons'.
by Alexander Thompson March 01, 2004
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