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The best thing to happen to the music industry since the CD-- yet the RIAA hasn't taken advantage of it, but thinks of it as an enemy.
"Dur... I am the head of the RIAA, and I wanna take all of the money of the little people sharing MP3s!"
by airwalker September 13, 2003
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"!!cixelsyd ma I ,kool yeH"
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by Airwalker October 16, 2005
The object which Maxis likes to reticulate.
1: "What are you reticulating, dude?"
2: "My favorite dish-- Splines!"
by Airwalker October 02, 2003
Being against something that is against something.
Argh... I hate myself, because I am anti-anti!!!
by airwalker September 14, 2003
The greatest byproduct of meats in the world. It's made out of the leftover juices, and other various unused parts of meat. Very tastey.
Doctor: "How did you manage to clog up your arteries AND get food poisoning at the same time?"
Bob: "One word, doc. And that's 'meatshake.'"
by airwalker October 04, 2003
The only thing we can actually find in Iraq-- a couple of grenades, some guns, and a few fireworks.
Bush: "We succeeded in our goal of finding Weapons of Minor Destruction... what? Mass destruction... err, when did I say that?" *Shifty eyed Bush*
by Airwalker October 02, 2003
Disrespectful people trying to steal a buck. Idiots and retards of the world think that stealing from them is wrong.
"Dur, I am the RIAA and hate MP3's! Everything should be handed to me on a silver platter! GIMMEGIMMEGIMME" - RIAA
by airwalker September 13, 2003

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