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The breast camera shot during a movie where the director hides the real actress' face from the scene in order to bring in a body double for a sweet slow boobilicious scene. Usually a stunt boob shot will encourage slow motion shots or freeze-frame so people can get a good look to check out a celeb's possible first 'tit shot' in a movie.
Dude, in the movie The Hangover, during the scene where Heather Graham is breast feeding that baby, it sooooooo looked like a stunt boob, Heather Graham's boobs in Boogie Nights had more pink and perky nipples....hmmmm, maybe she used stunt nipples?
by Airpace January 19, 2010
1. noun, the text message you send to the person you are currently on the phone with.
2.) the act of sending a text message to a person while on the phone with them
JPizzle: (while talking on the phone)
Brax!, can you teletext me that website about Lady GooGoo having oversized vagina lips instead of a non-functional penis? I gotsta see those meat-curtains, on that taco-grande!
by Airpace January 19, 2010
1.) The illness of acting like a pussy in the instance of fun.
2.) associated with or related to the instance when someone acts scared to perform an act.
3.) the time period during a woman's menstal cycle when she, can't make decision, yells alot, and/or refuses to have sex with her partner.
So, it looks like Brigette is suffering from vaginalitis today, we asked her to go to the Chicas Bonitas stip club and make it rain for Maria my half pregnant friend, but she won't go.

My balls are about to burst, Euclid, my girlfriend has been suffering from vaginalitis for 3 weeks and won't empty my clogged pipe of man-juice.
by Airpace January 16, 2010
3. texting someone while both of you are watching the same television program. Commenting on the program being viewed. Prefix coming from word television.
That was so awesome teletexting during "Jersey Shore", it was like we were in the same room.
by Airpace January 20, 2010
1.) When you fart while your own head is under the covers, trapping your own horrific flatulence.
2.) A self-induced {dutch oven}.
Dude, I was all curled up in bed this morning with the blanket over my head ignoring my girlfriend listing her things for me to do, and I {bunsen burned} myself. I almost died from the self affliction of the mongolian tv dinner I had the night before.
by Airpace January 16, 2010
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