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DEFINITION: to give props to, or show appreciation.
example: "braxxxxxx to you!!!!"

OTHER USES/ definitions :

to demonstrate the premature exit of a location or to never show up to the location
i.e "nigga i braxed that joint"

also used to signify the disrespect of others, or to shaft/diss someone
i.e "YO i braxed that hoe like she deserved"
by yoqueen July 03, 2009
When you die in a video game in such a manner, that there is no possible way some higher being (GM) didn't have a hand in it.
Yo man, did you see Aria get killed by that massive spawn of Raknar and Dragons out in Blisterfoot?

Yeah, don't dragons hate Blisterfoot... she totally got Braxxed...
by Insanity81 October 11, 2013
A more emphatic version of the word brah which is a variation of bro. Known to be combined in series with other x-factor words such as jeax or shix.
Mplicit - "aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... t"

Cruk'D - "what up esse"

Cruk'D - "howju doin maink"

Mplicit - "chillin brax"

Cruk'D - "felt"
by Mplicit August 27, 2008
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