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That's really not as cool as you think it is.
Person 1: Check out my new Urkel sheets!
Person 2: Well, la-di-dah!
by Adrienne May 23, 2003
The best hockey team in California! The Ducks are so awesome...with Chistov and the Feds and everyone else. They're just AWESOME!

Hey, do you want to go to the movies tonight?

Sorry, there's a Ducks game tonight and I'M GOING!
by Adrienne November 25, 2004
Who doesn'yt know what a fever is?!? A fever is when the temperature of your body reaches over 98.6 degrees fahrenheit. A fever is bad, and should be treated with either ibuprofen or lots and lots of sleep.
Sorry guys, I can't go to the game, I have a fever.
by Adrienne November 15, 2003
A hairstyle worn by men or women; the front of a mullet is anywhere from 1-2 inches long and sticks up while the back is often shoulder-length.
Business up front, party in the back!
by Adrienne June 17, 2004
A wierd word misread by Amber
"What the heck is a maphead"
by Adrienne June 02, 2004
The feeling of great discomfort
The feeling you get when you read the urbandictionary.com definition of "fizzle".
by Adrienne April 18, 2004
scoop means to notice someone watching you or being nosey in a conversation
example: two girls are talking on the bus and the next to them is nodding in agreement to what they're saying or grilling them
by Adrienne June 27, 2004

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