18 definitions by Adrienne

A big faggy boybander who rules the world, sorry.
Come out, Lance Bass, you giant homofag.
by Adrienne June 16, 2004
A cigarette & coffee for breakfast.
Karter and I shared a mexican breakfast this morning.
by adrienne July 23, 2004
This small boring suburb of Denver
Where the whole town is high, insane or high and insane. Most definitely something in the water that makes inhabitants be power tripping and especially makes boys have make believe powers towards girls for them to believe they got mad trippin awesome game
by Adrienne May 03, 2004
Used to be a small, boring, cow town, oh wait it still IS.
Places close too early, if you're under 21 there ain't sh*t to do, the mall is one floor and too small, vanilla valley, not enough places to dance and traffic is worse than Denver
by Adrienne April 28, 2004

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