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When dating a relatively hot individual, but are blind to their rather obvious flaws and personality issues.
"Dude, what does Sam see in her? She likes punching babies. And old people!"

"He's got the booty blindness."
by AdonisTheKingofAllHeSurveys July 04, 2009
When going about your normal business, are confronted by an exceptionally hot person and your brain starts to shut down, making simple tasks impossible. Such affected brain centers include, but are not limited to: speech, higher reasoning, facial recognition, control of bodily functions. The only known cure is to build up a tolerance one trigger at a time. When this condition persists despite dating, it metastasizes to booty blindness.
Hottie: "Hello, could you point me to the nearest eatery?"

Dude 1: "bluuurg"

Dude 2: "Um, two blocks south, one block west. Everyone likes Taco Bell."

Hottie: "Thanks!"

Dude 2: "Buddy, what happened?"

Dude 1: (blank stare and drooling on self) "Urg, I don't know. I just .... what."

Dude 2: "Wow, total hottie hypnosis. You know what we gotta do. You're buying my taco supremo."
by AdonisTheKingofAllHeSurveys July 04, 2009
Given the available population, how many are hotties. Also known as the Hottie quotient.
"Wow, check that out. Even the mailwoman is hot."

"Yeah, the Hottie Per Capita (HPC) is high in college towns."
by AdonisTheKingofAllHeSurveys July 04, 2009
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