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A big fat green penguin who has anger issues.
Dude: Hey, look at that Rookie.

Dude 2: I know, right?!
by Acoolboy December 21, 2013
A word that means bullshit or bullcrap that only people in Great Britain uses.
Dude: That's Rubbish!

Dude 2: Bro, nobody uses that word in America.
by Acoolboy April 18, 2014
a. Something very precious or unique.

b. Mentally retarded.
Dude: Hey, bro that hat is very speical.

Dude 2: So my hat is retarded?

Dude: No, the good special.
by Acoolboy May 15, 2014
An extremely fat or obese person.
Person 1: Yo, look at that whale!

Person 2: I know, right!?
by Acoolboy October 25, 2014
A person who starts fights or arguments.
Punk: Yo, wanna fight bro?! I bet I can beat you up in a second!

Guy: Dude, stop being an instigator.
by Acoolboy September 15, 2014

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