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Dutch slang word for somebody who is so annoying and stupid that he or she is hated enormously.
He's a real mongool, the way he behaved yesterday.
by Aboraly September 01, 2006
Dutch word for 'nerd'. In the United Kingdom nowadays used as slang.
This kid is too much of a stuud to be one of my sons!
by Aboraly September 01, 2006
Gang slang meaning that the concerning person is bragging 'bout his lifestyle being that of an highly ranked mob-boss.
I think we should pay him a visit, 'cause he thinks he's the don fucking asshole of my sisters hood! Well he's damn fucking wrong!!!
by Aboraly September 02, 2006
Dutch and Surinam word for 'fucked-up face'. Literally it means "head like a vagina".
This kuttekop is my neighbour; why you wanna smoke him out of his hole?
by Aboraly September 01, 2006
Originally Dutch word meaning 'come on', 'go on' or 'you did it!'. Now also used as a slang word in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and parts of Poland.
This loop's not gonna break your jaw, hoppetee!
by Aboraly September 01, 2006
Dutch and German slang meaning 'well now, I'm surprised'.
So zik, I didn't know you were that good!
by Aboraly September 03, 2006
Celtic word meaning 'ass'.
This pimp is gonna kick your aasj if you fuck his wife without paying.
by Aboraly September 01, 2006

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