12 definitions by ATM

Short for my erection hurts
O man...thinking about her...meh.
by ATM October 09, 2004
1. A man who is a homosexual.
"Yo i just say Jon's gay porn movie and that fool is a booty bandit."
by ATM January 19, 2005
The female version of being pussy-whipped; when a female is "whipped" or controlled by her man
Of course the bitch is dick-slapped; I told her to suck my dick and she even licked the scrotum while she was at it.
by ATM April 04, 2006
To be crossed over so badly in basketball that one's feet are pointed inwards like a pigeon's. Lingo used first in NBA Live 2004 in Jermaine Dupri's song Nobody Live Like Me.
::expert:: "...fresh da deppa ya got da pigeon toe goin now..."
by ATM April 04, 2005
acronym for "pussy over everything"
When it comes to these hoes, P.O.E. nigga.
by ATM March 23, 2005

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