6 definitions by APR

The act of the vagina when masturbation has occured, and continues to weep with juices of excitement
Julie cuntdripped while talkin to her cousin
by APR May 08, 2003
when someone is said to be fat who is a bastard
rich is a frying pan bastard
by APR May 08, 2003
A crazy chemical reaction coming from an Exploding Origami Crane.
Oh my god, look at Harrys Crane it's going Tibal on you.
by APR September 25, 2005
the act of the male penis being delicatly chewed in a cow like fashion
John was abiped sensless by Gary
by APR May 08, 2003
founded by sailors in the late 20th century, the grease used to cook the food also became the grease that cooked cocks, therefore revolutionising the speed for cooks around the world to plan a quick gay gangbang
rich has grease all down his shirt from sucking an oily-knob
by APR May 08, 2003
An upper cut to the clit with the penis
rich jaunted his sister when she was sleeping
by APR May 08, 2003

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