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to descibe something...this is the ultimate word to use when you don't know what the hell you talking about.....
what was the name of that new jaunt..that came out last know what i mean man!!!
by church hill bruh December 30, 2003
thing or object (see also jaunt piece)
Get me that jaunt right there.
I forgot my jaunt back in my car.
by DM June 12, 2004
any word in the english language. Can be used as a noun, adjective, verb, etc. when used in proper context
Jerome:Yo Malike pass me dat jaunt over dur behind 'at jaunt
Malike: Man im too lazy jaunt. Dat jaunt over dur, behind that jaunted up couch?
Jerome: Just jaunt yo lazy ass over der and get me dat jaunt
Malike: Mang u bein a jaunnt
Jerome: Nah nigg dat jaunts being a jaunt!
by The Jaunter November 22, 2009
Taking a leisurely walk, while smoking a joint.
Hey man, want to go for a jaunt?
by kaiobe August 22, 2010
Destroyin the box off some young wan, most likely in an agressive manner
Erica got the absolute jaunt off jen morris last night, her arse and gowel were in all the bits
by shloezer October 07, 2010
To spend time with, or go out with the Boston based band The Jauntee. Drinking is often involved in such escapades.
Sean couldn't make it to the party because he was out jaunting all night.
by jellybeeney November 18, 2011
A way to describe something thats awesome, the best, the shit, or cool.
Have you seen Jeff's car? it's the jaunt!


This ice cream is the jaunt.
by young b-rad geezy money September 07, 2009
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