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a gathering with an overabundance of females in attendance.

Much like "sausage fest" to refer to a party with too many males.
"This party is a total fish market. The only guy here is gay. I'm going home and riding the rabbit"
by Andrew July 01, 2004

sure is a word described as certian, or positive
if somebody askes you if your hungry, and you are, say "sure" and if they ask is that a yes or a no, say "you fucking dumbass its means yes so dont fucking ever ask me what it means again.....bitch!!"
by andrew March 02, 2005
some egyptian kid that is actually pretty cool and goofy sometimes. btw hes a wicked hotty
that is one damn hot aziz
by andrew April 22, 2005
name of Ludacris song
MOVE BITCH, get out the way, get out the way bitch get out the way
by Andrew August 21, 2003
Not just a glorious book, but a frame of mind: www.juniorhockeybible.com, will explain itself. Every term a hockey player must acquire into his vocabulary. This one's for the guys...girls stay out!
The Junior Hockey Bible enlighten those ignorant to what the sport really represents.
by Andrew January 20, 2004
Highly regarded military college in Texas.

The Corps of Cadets Vision:
To be the premier college undergraduate leadership development program in the United States. The Corps of Cadets will be a widely recognized leader in the study and application of effective leadership, the commissioning of the most outstanding officers in the nation from all three of the military service Reserve Officer Training Corps programs, and the graduation of productive young leaders who are actively sought for their character, skills, and leadership abilities by all sectors of American society.
Cadets from Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets represent excellence in every way.
by Andrew January 11, 2004
A long, sticky gooey crap that takes forever to get out of you anus and requires about half a roll of toilet paper to wipe up afterwards (in may even require a re-wipe later). It has the consistency and texture of Play-Doh being pumped out of that extruder thing-a-ma-jig. Ass bread makes you want to never take a shit again. Ass bread is the antithesis of Ass Nuggets and Ass Potatoes.
I was at a bar talking with this really hot chick when I had to take a dump. Wouldn't you know, it turned out to be the worst load of ass bread I've ever had. Why couldn't it have been just a few ass nuggets or potatoes?!I was gone so long when I finally got done she had left. Damn I HATE ass bread!
by Andrew June 16, 2006

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