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Australia: Unemployment benefits from the government. Known in the US as "welfare".

Also see "dole bludger".
Just heading down to the Centrelink to put in my dole form.

I don't have any money until dole day.
by Andrew May 13, 2004
Invented by the good folks at genmay.com

Root word: Shenanagens.
noob:DUDE! Theres a girl sleeping in my bed!

Me: I call shens!
by Andrew April 13, 2004
1. n. A high pitched sound that can make almost anyones day.
Hey You, Guess what?
You made my day.
by Andrew February 10, 2005
Where were the navy seals during any of the last major conflicts??? That's OK the Marines will secure the perimiter so you can conduct your BUDS training in your purple g-strings. Fuck A navy seal.
The Marine Corps has protected this great nation and Many others for 230 years now. So go ahead and talk shit you fucking squid.
by Andrew April 14, 2005
A confusing class taught by a strange little man with weird hair and bad fashion sense
After getting 30% on his thermodynamics test, Andrew changed his major to international business.
by Andrew May 12, 2003
footballer for juventus and sweden
beat italy in euro 2004 with amazing back heel
by andrew December 24, 2004
Le Tigre is a clothing label popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, often compared with Lacoste and Izod. Noticable for it's bright tiger logo on the upper right of their polo shirts, Le Tigre clothing was very hard to find due to its popularity. it is rumored former President Bush even had trouble getting his hands on a Le Tigre polo shirt in 1991.

Le Tigre was recently born again in 2003, and the clothing can be found in stores such as Law Jeans, at very high prices, the new line is noticably different due to the slightly enlarged tiger logo. Vintage Le Tigre clothing can still be found online in places like eBay.
I just bought a sweet Le Tigre shirt, it's really comfortable...but it set me back $30.
by andrew September 29, 2004

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