Top Definition
a gram of marijuana.
person:yo brad hook me up with a deag
brad: aii
by st()ner September 24, 2005
Refers to the Desert Eagle


Any airsoft pistol.
Bijo:"Dude, let's get some $5 deags!"
Hooni:"Oh shit let's drive out to St. Louis. I'm sure they've got some of those floating around on the streets."
by honberiz July 27, 2006
Another word for a person. It can either be used positively or negatively.
Positive: What up deag.
Negative: This fool is a shady deag.
by Nick Mow September 23, 2004
see marijuana.
yo pusonka you got some deags?
by Screaming Deagle May 05, 2003
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