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34 definitions by ALX

turds (in greek)
exei mia terastia skatoula sti xestra
(there is a massive piece of shit in the basin)

etrexa me to skato ston kwlo
( i was running with the turd in my ass - means i was in a great hurry)

patisa skata me ta kainourgia Timberland
(i stepped on a turd with my new Timberlands)

ta ekanes skata
(you fucked up)

ti milas re skato?
(what do u want,u little piece of shit?)
by ALX February 13, 2004
217 63
greek word for blowjob
pare mou mia pipa
by ALX September 20, 2003
183 52
greek word for "gay"
eisai megalos poustis
by ALX September 23, 2003
111 24
another greek word for bitch
aei gamisou mwri kariola
by ALX September 20, 2003
78 28
Greek word for "gangbang"
Xtes egine mia trelli partouza. Hmastan 40 atoma!
by ALX March 04, 2005
55 8
Greek word for "cock"
katse sto kavli mou
by ALX September 20, 2003
58 17
greek word for "slut"
parta mori gamiola
by ALX September 23, 2003
42 4