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2 definitions by A.Hacker

(verb) To work on something when you don't understand the problem space, the market, the actual goal of the product or really any engineering at all.
Engineer 1: They want me to build an inverse flux capcitor for our new marketing theme.

Engineer 2: Man that sucks, what are you doing to do? Don't they know the IFC is a joke?

Engineer 1: Well I guess I'll just have to scrum and agile one up.
by A.Hacker October 13, 2005
A non-violent, tennis dominating, technically adept massive that reigns between the Butterfly Pavillian and the railroad track in Westminster Colorado.

Their arch rivals are a south side gang called "marketing" and another gang that simply goes by "P.M."
Gail: I am trying to force the North Side Commandaz to ssshhhhh build the software I want them to build but sssshhhhhh they won't do what I ask and treat me like a fool. If we build an impossible to implement GUI and blame the Commandaz ssssssshhhhh for it sucking we can get them all fired and I will be the most powerful PM in the land. ssssshhhhhh

Pawan: Maybe if you pay my company a lot of money to create mockups of the work they are to do you can control the North Side Commandaz and we will both win.

Gail: Maybe but we're O-fer $75k doing that so far, are you sure it will ssssshhhhh work? sssshhhhhhh

Pawan: Trust me, I will control the mockups and provide no help to the 'Commandaz.

Gail: sssssshhhhhh
by A.Hacker October 11, 2005