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staffordshire bull terriers are a breed of dog. They were originally bred for dog fighting and ratting but now, unfortunately, are normally bought by charvers to look hard. they do, however, make a great companion.

they have a very muscular build with a square like head and eyes that are set looking straight forward. the average heights for male and female are the same at around 15 inches. they have a short coat that requires minimal grooming.

there is a difference between the european breed and th american breed, as far as i know this is just stemming from ligaments being cut in the european breed's ears making them droop down.

this dog is very friendly and sociable with adults and children, it has a boistrous personality and is extremely playful. However, this breed are quite aggressive towards other dogs, mainly larger dogs.
the staff is classed in the terrier breed group.
by 7clayton7 August 14, 2005
to: shake hands with the devil
self pollute
self harm
choke the chicken
releive ones self
Gill: whats wrong Bob? Do you want me to perform fellatio to you again?

Bob: Fuck no, ur teeth grind me bell like a cheese grater, u fukin whore, get out, il have a 5knuckle shuffle instead
by 7clayton7 July 24, 2005

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