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Phrase that at once concludes a narrative and indicates that all of the narrative details that have preceded this phrase have squandered irrecoverable moments of your life.
{Blah, blah, bitch, bitch, piss and moan}. And I was like,...really?
by 6semitones February 28, 2011
a state of browsing the endless hyperlinks included in wikipedia articles that eventually confuses the user as to where he/she began.
"dude, I didn't get my project done last night because I got stuck in a wikilabyrinth for five hours."
by 6semitones February 17, 2008
the impulsive and usually irrational verbal spewings of an angry drunk individual.
"After drinking a fifth of tequila, Mike began a belligerant about why my girlfriend is ruining our friendship."
by 6semitones February 17, 2008
any mcdonald's value meal
I'm headed out to grab a McMeal. you guys want anything?
by 6semitones September 20, 2007

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