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When a chick dates a dude that is more attractive than she is and could get better.
How'd Jen score that studly dude Matt? She is overduded!
by 51Westside June 23, 2011
When a chick steadily dates a dude that is not as attractive as she is.
Dude, what is Lisa doing with that dork? She is so underduded.
by 51Westside June 23, 2011
an expression used to communicate a dude's desire to have sex with a particular female, generally employed to convey one of the following feelings: (1) that the chick in question is smokin' hot; (2) that the dude is suitably horny although the chick is not that hot, (3) that the dude's standards are lower than the person he is speaking to; or (4) that there is something about the chick in question that the dude likes.
(1) "Damn look at that hottie....I'd throw a cock in her."

(2) Speaker 1: "Dude, she's ugly."

Speaker 2: "I don't care, I need a slump buster...I'd throw a cock in her."

(3) Speaker 1: "Dude, she's kinda old and has no tits."

Speaker 2: "I'd throw a cock in her."

(4) Speaker 1: "Mandy never did it for me."

Speaker 2: "I'd throw a cock in her."
by 51westside July 08, 2011
A label rock critics used in the mid-90s to describe a genre of music which was a poppier (“bubblegum”) version of the harder sound of the alternative/grunge genre which had prevailed in the early 90s. Representative groups include Collective Soul, Bush, Third Eye Blind, and Matchbox Twenty.
"In college, I really liked Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains, but later stuff like Everclear was just too bubblegrunge for me."
by 51Westside September 12, 2013
Dry humping with jeans on. Often causes irritation and chafing.
Justin Timberlake at 2011 Spike Guys' Choice Awards: "are we going to spend 2 straight hours jean jamming them until chafing occurs and we have to walk all funny for 3 hard days?"
by 51westside July 08, 2011
noun: A dude who fucks a chick that his buddy had sex with earlier, generally without said buddy's permission.
Dude, I can't believe Dave did Amanda just a week after she and Ron hooked up. He is such a buddy fucker.
by 51westside June 30, 2011
Romantic interest (generally a girlfriend, but can be a boyfriend) from one's hometown. Often used by someone in college who is away from said romantic interest. See also Hometown Honey.
Speaker 1: "Dude, you hookin' up with that Chi-O this weekend?"

Speaker 2: "Can't do it man, my Hometown is coming in."
by 51westside July 08, 2011
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