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Something a cricket (black person) says when you hand them your debit or credit card for purchases. Usually a female cricket.
Will this be credik or debik sir?
by 2eyemike October 20, 2006
To have a bad attitude, to be sneaky
Gary acted shawlzy when he was asked to fix the car.
by 2EYEMIKE September 25, 2006
A 5 mile race between the illussive sand dewlling panda,the Gobi-fish from the premetazoric era and finally the tree swinging otter-goat.
Let's watch the creedo-race and place money on the mink-ferret he is disguised as the gobi.
by 2EYEMIKE October 21, 2006
A $500.00 car with $3000.00 24 inch spinners and armor all tires.
Damn, look at that cricket driving the ghettoglider.
by 2eyemike October 20, 2006
A saber-tooth like mutt found in northern Canada used to hunt elks.
That damn shimdog took off with my beef jerk while I was aiming at the Elk.
by 2EYEMIKE October 18, 2006
To trash out a new truck in the mud.
Billy drove his new Ford threw the levee and burnt the motor, he said that he was only mud-dogging it.
by 2eyemike October 30, 2006
A female who loves to give head and swallow.
Hey G3 take her for a ride on the levee she is a good nob-gobbler.
by 2eyemike October 25, 2006

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