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5 definitions by 2Ace

A unique fragrance usually found in communal toilets.
Dave: “Do you know what one of worst smells in the world is?

Tom: No. What?

Dave: “That smell when you walk into the toilets and you are greeted by the smell on some else’s shit combined with their aftershave”

Tom: Ahhh I think you mean “eau de shat”
by 2Ace August 11, 2009
The act of causing severe flesh injury whilst trying to part frozen food.
Dave: “Jon is not coming into work today as he stabbed himself with the butter knife whilst trying to part 2 slices of frozen bread”

MarK: “Sounds bad?”

Dave: “Really bad, he needed 8 stitches in the palm of his hand, worst case of iceeration I have ever seen, blood everywhere”

Mark: “He is such a div,”

Dave " Yeah, what a twat"
by 2Ace October 12, 2011
Following a clean drop with minimal clean up required, from nowhere, you are hit by a 2nd wave which results in a million wiper.
Dave: "I just had a lovely dump, nice clean break, just about to pull up my trousers and BAM! a 2nd wave. Took forever to get my arse clean."

Jon "I think you better go back and do a vanity wipe just in case!"
by 2Ace November 28, 2011
The ability to walk along the street whilst writing a text and avoid all oncoming traffic without looking up from your phone.
Dave: "Did you see the way that girl just changed direction without looking up from her phone, she was on a serious collision course with a pram"
Jon " yeah, she must have text sense"
by 2Ace November 28, 2011
OST - Optimum Scoffing Temperature.

Applies to food brought from late night burger bars or takeaways that is a perfect temperature to simply devour without breathing.
Man, that Kebab was OST, it didn’t touch the sides.
by 2Ace May 22, 2009