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Wiping your anus when it does not immediately follow defecation. Such times may occur when you have a sweaty bum cleavage, you're worried something has dribbled out, or you simply didn't do a good job of wiping it in the first place.

A Vanity Wipe is nearly always accompanied by checking the toilet paper for streaks. It is often abbreviated to VW when discussed in a public place.
Friend #1: My arse crack is really fucking itchy
Friend #2: Go have a vanity wipe dude, it might sort you out
by DaveHill February 13, 2008
Wiping your ass with kleenex after a taking a big shit and wiping with regular tiolet paper.
After being fucked in the ass and taking a giant dump, the sorority girl made sure to finish her wiping with a vanity wipe.
by Joesmoe April 16, 2007
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