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A great collaboration by linkin park and jay-z where jay-z's songs are combined with linkin park's songs to produce some good ones and some not so good ones
"We doin big pimping we spendin G's"
by observeranonymous : ) January 16, 2005
A great album mixing linkin park's music with Jay z's. This album was awesome to say the least. Any music fan who likes both rap AND rock will like this great music.
Collision course was a great cd.
by beattie April 13, 2005
Exactly what the title is trying to say to the target audience. A collision course that just happened to be one that most people had hoped never would have come. Possibly the worst blend of rock and rap since only one is truly accomplished well which is ironic because the more credible artist of the two that "blended" is Jay-Z.
MTV's Ultimate F*ck Ups first CD.
by Jenter-Senten January 18, 2005
Quoteth I, "Jay-Z/Linkin Park...
I daresay Watson, is not it reminiscent of a nigga-cracka circus show?"
Wow, this shit is so retarded... no wonder only losers listen to this trash.
by Downhill Denial March 08, 2005
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