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tatnall is a small private school in greenville delaware. most of the kids at tatnall have applied to tower hill, but have been rejected. therefore they find it necessary to buy all the fashionable clothes accessories etc...just to create the image that they in fact are on the same level as the students of tower hill. this is an illusion, tatnall is full of rich kids with absolutely zero personality, all they care about in their materialistic world is who is having the next big party, or what new brand is in. these kids only get into college because their rich parents pay the colleges off, i mean how else can these idiots get into any school. the guys at tatnall go fake tanning before games for goodluck, fags? yes. the girls are about as cool as a brick, and in fact you may as well be talking to one when you try to start a conversation with them. tatnall is a school for kids who are doomed to fail in life and are bitter that they were not good enough, and never will be good enough to attend tower hill.
hey i go to tatnall
oh really? lets have a tanning party!
by 2 April 30, 2005
facial bones that shape the check bone and the lower arch of the eye
the Zygomatic arch came be palpated on the side of the face
by 2 March 06, 2005
a bunch of little high school kids pretending to be thugs and gangtas and shit. "Hustle to eat" ...yeah, you hustle to get to the dinner table to eat when you mom calls you.
by 2 September 09, 2003
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